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How to Decrease


Your car's exhaust is an important part of its engine. It carries harmful fumes outside of your car, and a damaged or outdated exhaust system can cause loud noises, waste gas and pollute the environment. With the following simple steps and some basic maintenance, you can significantly reduce the amount of harmful fumes your car is releasing.

The Steps

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Change the Oil and the Oil Filter
  • If you are overdue for an oil change, chances are your car is burning excess oil. When this happens, more exhaust fumes are released into the environment.
  • The oil filter is responsible for cleaning the oil that passes through the engine. Having a new oil filter ensures that only clean oil is flowing through the engine, lowering emissions.

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Change the Air Filter
  • The air filter cleans the air that enters the engine. If the air filter is dirty, air does not flow freely through the engine. This causes the car to burn more gasoline, which in turn increases the amount of exhaust fumes released into the air.
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Change the PCV Valve
  • The PCV valve controls emissions in your car's engine. An old PCV valve can become dirty and clogged with old oil, which prevents it from properly reducing emissions. Replacing the PCV valve can help you reduce your car's exhaust fumes.
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Change the Fuel Filter
  • The fuel filter cleans the gasoline that is needed to power your car's engine. Fuel filters become clogged with dirt and debris over time. A clogged fuel filter can no longer properly clean the fuel passing through the engine. This causes the engine to burn more fuel than is necessary and increases the amount of exhaust gases released.
Cars release harmful toxins into the atmosphere through the exhaust, so the less exhaust fumes your car produces the better. If you're looking to repair or replace your exhaust system, Pep Boys has the car parts you need to get the job done. If you need muffler repair or exhaust system repair, talk to one of our qualified auto technicians. They can diagnose your car exhaust issue and perform a service repair. Just make an appointment at your local Pep Boys today to get the process started.