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From Winter's grimy grip, to summer's warm weather, Pep Boys has what you need to prepare your car for outdoor fun on the open road.

Months of exposure to the winter elements, road salt and other abrasive particles have probably stolen the luster from your car's finish. And, looking ahead to summer's heat, UV radiation, bugs, tree sap and pollutants, there's o better time than now to prepare your car's finish for the days ahead.

The key to giving your vehicle the Pep Boys' star treatment is choosing the right car care precuts and material, ad knowing how to use them. The process begins with a thorough cleaning using a quality car wash. Dishwashing soaps are too strong for automotive finishes and can remove wax and cause staining.

To keep your finish in top condition, paint cleaners, (also called pre-cleaners or pre-wax cleaners) are available in varying degrees of abrasiveness depending on your need. Always work first with a light abrasive cleaner, then go to a stronger abrasive if needed to restore the topcoat.

Waxing your car is perhaps the most important step in improving your car's appearance and protecting the paint. There are several varieties of wax, from all natural to synthetic formulas which employ silicone resins for easy application and durability. For those cars with already acceptable or average finishes, need only a quality wax application for protection and ultra-shine.

Brake dust and grime can be easily removed from the tires and wheels with any of the wide variety of wheel and tire cleaners available at Pep Boys. To give them a 'satin shine' just wipe down with a terry cloth after you have applied the product.

But, don't forget about the interior! Vacuum first and then use a quality carpet and upholstery cleaner to make your interior look better and last longer.

You can find all of the top-name care products you need to breathe new life into your car, and maintain those good looks year-round at your local Pep Boys.