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Ten Benefits of a Car Cover

A car is a large investment and vital to everyday life. From getting to work to just driving to the grocery store, cars are important to almost everything you do. It goes without saying then that you should keep your car in the best condition possible. A car cover is a relatively inexpensive purchase that can be instrumental in keeping your car's finish lustrous. Car covers are made for all types of vehicles, such as sedans, SUV, and trucks. Here are 10 benefits to owning a car cover.

1. Protection Against Wet Weather

Most cars are left outside, which means they must face the elements even when they're not being driven. Snow, hail, and rain can cause plenty of damage to your car, specifically its paint and finish, which can result in pricy repairs. Purchasing a water repellent car cover for your vehicle can help to prevent damage to the car's paint that would normally be caused by water and moisture.

2. Protection From UV Rays

As surprising as it might sound, the sun can do a lot of damage to a car's interior and exterior. Damaged and dulled paint, dried out materials in seats, and even cracking and peeling are just some of the many issues that the sun can cause to your car.

3. Keep Pollen, Dirt & Sap off Your Car's Exterior

Nothing is worse than seeing your car covered with a yellow film during the spring. Pollen, along with dirt and sap, can damage the paint and finish of your car in addition to being health risks for the driver.

4. Prevent Wind Damage

Wind doesn't seem like it would be much of an issue to your car, but even a small gust can propel twigs or rocks and pebbles through the air toward your vehicle. Heavy winds during storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes can occasionally knock down trees, power lines, and more, which could cause devastating damage to your vehicle.

5. Animals Like Cars

You and your friends and family might not be the only things who like to hang out in and around your car. Cats, squirrels, mice, and chipmunks, among other animals, are known to hang out in and around cars, which can lead to scratches, dirt and hair accumulation. While a car cover won't fully deter an animal from being near your car, it will help protect the car's paint and finish at the very least.

6. Birds Like Cars Too

Speaking of animals, birds can wreak havoc on a car. Nothing is worse than parking your freshly washed car on the street only to see it covered in bird droppings the very next day. A car cover can keep your paint and finish looking fresh, and the money you spend on a good wash won't be a waste. Some car covers are even machine washable, which makes it easy for owners to protect their cars from bird droppings.

7. Insects Can Nest in Cars

Just like animals, insects have been known to gravitate towards cars. The difference being that insects will typically attempt to nest in the tailpipe or under the hood, which can cause major damage. Putting a car cover on your car, truck, or SUV makes it incredibly difficult for insects to nest in the tailpipe or hood.

8. Accidental Damage from People

Whether accidental or not, people can cause plenty of damage to your vehicle. Keys, fingerprints, and even just bumping into the car while walking by can damage the paint or finish. Placing a car cover on your car can help to prevent these accidental damages.

9. Prevent Theft

Most car covers are typically placed on expensive vehicles, however, placing one on a vehicle regardless of the car's worth can help deter theft. A thief likely doesn't want to spend too much time committing their crime, and a car cover must be removed before they can get into the vehicle. This time consideration, in addition to not knowing what is inside of the car or even knowing the make and model, can deter thieves.

10. Protect Against Vandalism

Like theft, a car cover can prevent vandalism largely because the vandal would need to remove the cover before vandalizing. This means that your windows, mirrors, hood ornaments, and even tires can be protected from unnecessary attacks; you might even dissuade would-be vandals from attacking your car on Mischief Night!

A car cover is beneficial to the longevity of the finish on your car, truck, or SUV, regardless of its age. The environment, animals, and even people can all damage one of your most expensive investments, but a car cover can help to make sure that the both the interior and exterior remain in the best condition possible. Pep Boys offers a wide variety of car covers for many makes, models, and needs.