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6 Ways to Treat Your Car Right

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Your car is more than just your transportation device. It gets you where you need to go, whenever you want to go. It takes care of you, so return the favor and treat your car right this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in need of a service appointment, new tools or some wash and wax accessories to make your ride shine, Pep Boys has the deals you’re looking for to show your car some love.

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From oil changes to wiper blades and headlight replacements, we have all of the services you need to get your car in tip top safety shape. Check out our monthly service coupons for more
great deals
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Do your tires need an alignment, rotation, or balance job? Or maybe you need new tires all together. Brand new tires improve your handling, gripping and fuel economy.
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No matter the season, you want to be comfortable in your car. Make sure your heating and cooling system is in check to keep your ride comfortable and safe.
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Nothing says true love like spending the time to give your car a good wash and wax. With care and the proper cleaning products, available at Pep Boys, you can keep your car looking like it just came from a professional detailer.
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Are you more of a do-it-yourselfer? Shop the latest tools and tool sets and find the tools you didn’t even know you needed. Whether you’re an occasional tinkerer, a weekend warrior or a professional mechanic, tools from Pep Boys make car repair simple. We also have loaner tools available as well.
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Stop by your local Speed Shop to talk shop with our performance experts and shop our catalog of high performance auto parts. We carry a huge assortment of performance exhaust components, air and fuel delivery parts and performance engines, in addition to anything else you might require to satisfy your need for speed. Visit our Speed Shop page for more info!