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Everyone deserves a getaway now and then, and it doesn't have to break the bank. There's always a way to make a vacation unforgettable – without spending a fortune.
When you plan your next adventure, consider making it a road trip. Driving can save money – gasoline still costs less than your average plane ticket, and if you travel with friends or family, you can share the costs of gas and tolls. Road trips also grant you the opportunity to hit multiple destinations on your way to the final one, allowing you to be a true explorer.
Here are some tips for making your next road trip fun, affordable, and safe. Happy trails!

Travel in the off season

Traveling during off-peak times save the most. Research your destination to find out what it's like and what's happening throughout the year. Always wanted to tour Wine Country? Instead of going in summer, try winter or early spring – you'll avoid the crowds, see the region's farmland during its quiet period, enjoy great weather, and save a few dollars.

Take free walking tours

When you travel to a new city, the first thing you'll want to do is explore. Take advantage of free tours. Walking tours enable you to see the sites up close, chat with your tour guide, meet new people, and give you better intel on the best places in town. Plus, it's great exercise!

Cozy up in a bed and breakfast

Hotel rates can be pricey and skyrocket at any time, without warning. A B&B provides double the warmth for half the price. Plus, free breakfast saves you from having to purchase a morning meal!

Purchase excursions ahead of time

All-inclusive trips, group tours, and cruises can help you stay within your budget. When you purchase trips and tours online in advance, the rates tend to be much lower than they would be if you were to buy in person.

Have a plan

The best way to save is by making a plan and sticking with it. You'll not only save money and time but also see more than you would by just winging it. For instance, if you plan to go to a concert or a sporting event while you're away, be sure to bring tailgating accessories. The best way to do this is to create an itinerary for each day – it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

Travel in Groups

Traveling with friends is a great way to maximize fun and minimize costs on the road. Hotels and attractions commonly offer group discounts, and you can split the costs of tolls, gas and hotel accommodations.

Free Battery Check

Has your battery ever died on you? If so, you know it's no walk in the park, and you definitely don't want it to interrupt your road trip. Before you set out, stop by your local Pep Boys for a free battery check.

...And be prepared for anything.

There are tons of items you can keep with you to ensure a worry-free road trip – and the convenience stores and rest stops that may carry them are often overpriced. From jump starters to portable radios, make a list and get every little thing you need before you set out. And if you're traveling with pets, be sure to check out Traveling with Pets to avoid mishaps on the road or costly interior detailing upon your return.

Your car deserves an adventure

Anything is possible when you have your car. Now is the perfect time to explore the unknown and broaden your horizons. Check out 21 Places to Take Your Car to explore ideas for your next adventure.
Whether you need roadside assistance or a tune-up before you hit the road,
your local Pep Boys is here for your every need.