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'Tailgating Main Banner'

Pep Boys has all of the necessesties you need to tailgate in style this fall with your friends and family. Get to the game quicker by making us your one-stop shop.

'Tailgating Tent Banner'
It’s not a real tailgate until someone brings a tent! Rain, shine or the beating sun, you and your friends will get the most out of your tailgating experience with this covered protection.
'Tailgating Speaker Banner'
Get the party going with great music! Portable speakers are a great way to amp up your tailgating party. Check out our portable speaker options online and find what you need to amp up your tailgate.
'Tailgating Furniture Banner'
Tailgating is all about fun and relaxation. Kick up your feet with some outdoor chairs and furniture.
'Tailgating Labels Banner'
Point your guests in the right direction with labels for your coolers. You’ll stay organized, and your friends and family won’t need to play the cooler-guessing game.
'Tailgating Tool Boxes Banner'
Wondering where to put all of your grilling accessories? A portable tool box is the perfect place to keep your items well protected, as well as easily accessible.
'Tailgating Ladders Banner'
Are you sporting your pick-up truck at the event? If so, a tailgate ladder is the perfect tool for getting in and out of the cab. There’s no need to strain your back, make your life easier with this ladder.
'Tailgating Jumper Cables Banner'
Your battery can only last so long, so if you aren’t equipped with reliable jumper cables or booster packs, you could be in trouble. Save yourself from the stress and hassle. The Jump-Starter requires no jumping - that’s right, it does all the work for you.
Whether you’re going to a game, concert or special event, it’s best to come prepared. Pep Boys has you covered with all of the tools and accessories you need to guarantee your crew a good time.

From the Boys at Pep to You: Happy Tailgating!