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6 Gifts for a Classic Car Lover

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Nobody appreciates details quite like a classic car lover. From the luster in the wheels to the smooth, polished body of the car, every detail needs to be fine-tuned to perfection to maintain a classic, well-oiled machine.

As for us? We make details our mission, stocking every tool your classic car lover will need to keep their car looking like it did all those years ago. This holiday, build them the perfect classic car detailing kit:

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Chances are that you won’t find these in a normal garage, but they can be the saving grace of a car enthusiast and they won’t cost you much. Clay bars play the middle man between a thorough car wash and a strong wax job, eliminating particles and pollutants that stick to the surface of the car, even after a rinsing. Clay bars give cars a smooth feeling to go along with the shiny look. Learn more about using a clay bar here.
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Clay bars are a great precursor to a wax job, which is when you really start to see the results in the car restoration process. Sure, getting all the essential parts and engine running is the bulk of the work, but waxing puts the finishing touches on the exterior of their car. Learn the best techniques for getting the most out of a wash and wax.
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Waxing is essential for any classic car, as it maintains that sleek, metallic look that can fade with time. While waxing can be done by hand, buffers get the job done much more effectively and save a ton of time that can be spent on some of the more mechanical car care chores.
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At this point, you might be thinking that holiday shopping for a classic car lover doesn’t have to be all that expensive - and you would be right! These cost-efficient towels can be used in tandem with any of the detailing products above.
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Rain, sleet and snow threaten to erode the gleaming surface that classic car lovers work so hard to cultivate. Even under the safety of a garage roof, layers of plaster and air contaminants start to accumulate on the car’s smooth exterior. Car covers add a solid, protective shield against all of these elements.
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Okay, so this might require a little consultation from your car lover, but for classic performance and muscle cars, these parts are often necessities. Whether it’s a muffler to give the car its vintage sound or a turbo charger to boost its power, Pep Boys has all the performance parts a classic cover lover needs to keep their cars in tip-top condition.
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Another item in the ‘small tools with huge effects’ department. Even the finest of drivers will run into some troublesome nicks and knacks somewhere down the road. Scratch removers are inexpensive, but effective in restoring the car’s paint job to like-new condition.