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Top 15 Essentials for Every Garage

'Garage Essentials Work Lights Banner'

Need a light? Working in the dark can be dangerous and can cause you to make mistakes. Eliminate dark zones while you work with Pep Boys spotlights, flashlights and work lights. You’ll be thanking yourself the next time you’re working late or the power goes out.
'Garage Essentials Hand Tools Banner'

Working on a job or upgrading your tool box? We have every tool for the job. Shop our huge selection of quality tools so you can get the job done right every time. We proudly sell carpentry tools, pliers, ratchets, extensions, screwdrivers, torque wrenches and many more.
'Garage Essentials Cordless Drills Banner'

Sometimes you need a drill when there’s no outlet in reach. For all those odd jobs or projects that bring you outside of the garage, Cordless power tools will save the day. Be sure to grab an extra battery so that you’re ready for emergencies!
'Garage Essentials Booster Packs Banner'

Safety and security is everything when it comes to traveling with your family. Give yourself peace of mind while you’re on the road by picking up a Pep Boys booster pack and jumper cables.
'Garage Essentials Tire Repair Banner'

Let us prepare you for all tire emergencies. Keep an eye on your tire pressure with digital tire gauges and standard tire pressure gauges, and get quick fixes with patches and plugs, repair kits, tire pumps and inflators.
'Garage Essentials Pressure Washer Banner'

An electric pressure washer is a great helper to keep around the house and for your projects. It effectively cleans patios, bbq grills, walls, and so much more. Our power washers include a soap dispenser and brass hose connecter, making your cleaning easier and more effective.
'Garage Essentials Specialty Tools Banner'

Not all tools are created equally. Specific jobs call for specific tools. Search our broad selection of specialty tools to find just what you need for that odd job.
'Garage Essentials Tool Storage Banner'

Give your tools a home in your garage or on-the-go. Pep Boys sells a variety of storage options ranging from portable tool boxes, tool carts and rolling tool chests.
'Garage Essentials Safety Equipment Banner'

Make your work place a safe place with our safety equipment. Keep yourself out of trouble with fire extinguishers, safety gear and more.
'Garage Essentials Performance Gloves Banner'

Keep your hands clean and safe with gloves! Pep Boys offers a variety of glove styles, including general purpose gloves, performance gloves and disposable gloves, to better suit your needs.
'Garage Essentials Oil Change Tools Banner'

Do you have everything you need to change your oil? Check out our selection of drain pans,filters, funnels and grease gun accessories and make sure you’re fully prepared for the job.
'Garage Essentials Lifting Tools Banner'

Need a lift? We have all of the ramps, car jacks, car dollies and engine hoists and stands you will need to support your vehicle.
'Garage Essentials Battery Chargers Banner'

Never run out of battery on the road. Whether you want something that you can take on-the-go or you need a heavy-duty charger, we have several options for you.
'Garage Essentials Diagnostic Testing Tools Banner'

Make your life easier with diagnostic and testing tools for your vehicle. Diagnostic tools allow drivers to be in-the-know when it comes to their vehicle. Pep Boys offers circuit testers, fuel pressure testers, leak detection, scan tools and many more devices.
'Garage Essentials Power Tools Banner'

Shop now for Pep Boys power tools. From power tool accessories to drill bits, we have everything you need to help make your project effortless.