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Top 10 Cyber Monday Security Tips

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Who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of their own home? Nothing beats being able to relax, put your feet up and browse the web as you please. Cyber Monday is a day for deals that requires no wheels and no fighting through the Black Friday masses. The thought of holiday shopping is stressful enough, so why not make it simple?

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Credit is known to be safer in the shopping world. Debiting your purchase will charge your account immediately, causing the disputing-fraud process to be a lot more difficult.

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You can usually tell the fraud from the real, but always make sure to be extra careful when you’re reading your emails. Only click on the trusted brand sites that you know. Respectable companies will never ask for personal info via email.

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When filling out the online form for your purchase, make sure you only fill out the mandatory information. There’s never a need for a shopping site to have your social security number, so make sure to leave the unnecessary sections blank.

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If the site you’re on is unbelievably cheap - there may be a catch. Beware of sites that you and the rest of the world have never heard of, there’s a chance it’s an illegitimate site. To be safe, search the company name and read reviews.

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Pay attention to the URL address. When making a purchase or entering personal information, always make sure there is an "s" in "https" - the "s" stands for secure.

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Always pay attention to pop-up warning messages from your browser or computer. Chances are your computer is already aware that the site is unsafe to browse on.

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Always have a password on your WiFi. Everyone loves to be the friendly neighbor, but, in this case, it’s okay to keep one thing to yourself.

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It’s always nice to have peace of mind. Take a screen shot or print your purchase confirmation in case you need to track, change or return your order.

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If it’s unlikely that you’ll be shopping on that site any time soon, avoid setting up an account and simply checkout as a guest. This way, if that not-so-secure site ever gets hacked, your personal information will be safe and sound

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If you think you ordered from a fraudulent site, contact your bank or credit card company immediately. The faster you do this, the better.