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Check out these quick tips for keeping the interior and exterior of your vehicle clean and looking fresh.

  1. Cleaning interior window surfaces can aid in the defogging process and reduce surface smog.
  2. Wiper blades should be checked regularly and replaced about every six months.
  3. Waxing your finish can prevent sand, ice, and salt from wreaking havoc on a car's finish.
  4. Spring is the best time to wash and wax a car as it removes snow and road salt and protects against pollen.
  5. A bug or tar cleaner can make easy work of removing insects, road tar, and debris from your vehicle's lower body sides, front grille, and headlights.
  6. Washing your vehicle with a mitt or sponge will not only help you get a brighter shine, it will eliminate the risk of creating tiny scratches when scrubbing.
  7. A damp chamois or soft terry cloth towel should be used to dry a vehicle after it has been washed. Start from the roof and work your way down to avoid extra work.
  8. When cleaning your interior, a vacuum is the best tool for removing dirt from every nook and cranny. For cloth, vinyl, and carpet, use shampoo. For leather, use a specially formulated cleaner and preservative.
  9. Keeping your exterior clean can protect it from winter conditions, which will increase your vehicle's resale value. Before it gets too cold, take the time to wash and wax your finish.
  10. Wax should never be applied to car in direct sunlight or that is still hot from running, as it will make the wax more difficult to remove and leave an inconsistent, streaky finish.
  11. After waxing your exterior, use a polishing cloth and buff in the opposite direction the wax was applied for the brightest possible shine.

Whether you need cleaning supplies or a vacuum, Pep Boys has got you covered. Best of all, we can help you save more so you can do more for your car. Start your next online order today.