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A good sound system should be music to your ears. A great sound system is one that makes you feel like your whole world is surrounded by uninterrupted sound. If you want to turn your car's sound system from ordinary to extraordinary, consider these five specs when shopping.

5 Key Sound System Specs to Consider:


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You never want to sacrifice stereo power for sound quality. If you want a sound system that really booms, pay attention to the RMS power ratings. And make sure you match the stereo's power handling to your amp's power output.

Subwoofer Size

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When it comes to subwoofers, the loudest and lowest is not always the best for your car. You also need to consider sensitivity, enclosure type, and available power. If your ultimate goal is to have a system that plays loud and low, and space is not an issue, go for the biggest subwoofers.

Enclosure Type

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A sound system's enclosure will have a big effect on the type of sound it produces. In general, sealed boxes give you the deepest, most accurate sound, while ported and bandpass enclosures produce more volume.


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This goes hand-in-hand with power to achieve higher output. A subwoofer that has a higher sensitivity rating requires less power to produce the same amount of sound as a model with a lower sensitivity rating.


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This gives you an idea of how low a subwoofer can play. Keep in mind that the actual performance can depend on a lot of variables, like the box type enclosure that it is mounted in.

Sound Systems We Recommend

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SDX Audio Pro 10 - Powered Bass Party Pack - 1000 Watt
This is a complete Dual 10-inch Amplified Loaded Enclosure Subwoofer Solution. You'll enjoy punchy, detailed bass without taking up too much time to make wire connection.
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Kenwood Automotive speaker 3-way Automotive speaker
Give your car the quality Kenwood sound you're used to with this 6X9 3-way speaker with 400-watt peak power handling for strong bass performance.
When it comes to sounds systems, Pep Boys installers have the experience to ensure your system sounds as least as good in your car as it does in our showroom. Our certified technicians know how to make the right connections and fine-tune your system for incredible sound. If you're looking to get your system installed, we are happy to do that for you at a Pep Boys near you.