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Alignment Bushings

Bushings provide shock dampening between connecting components and come in different shapes, sizes and materials depending on location on the vehicle.

How Does it Work?

  • Alignment bushings come in various shapes and sizes depending on location.
  • Provides support, pivot points, vibration dampening and shock absorption between connected metal components.

How is it Made?

  • The components can be made from a combination of rubber, polymer and/or metal.

Why Does it Fail?

  • Damaged by road conditions.
  • Everyday wear and tear.

What are the Symptoms of Failure?

  • Clunking noise.
  • Additional noise.
  • Tire wear.

What are the Implications of Failure?

  • Sluggish steering.
  • Deformed or cracked bushings.

How Difficult is the Install?

Difficulty Rating:

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