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How to Wash and Wax your Car

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Bugs and tar tend to build up on the sides of the auto body, leading edge and windshield. Apply a little bug and tar cleaner to the bug sponge and rub it onto these areas to remove the debris.

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1. Add two capfuls (or the recommended amount) of concentrated car cleaner to one full bucket of water, and leave the other bucket filled with water to clean off your sponge throughout the cleaning session.

2. After you rinse down the entire car, use a washing mitt or sponge and start cleaning the roof.

3. Start from the top and work down so that dirty water won't run off onto the panels you just cleaned.

4. Clean one panel at a time and rinse as you go so that the soap doesn't dry onto your car.

5. Use just enough water pressure to get the suds off.

6. Repeat until the entire car is clean.

*NEVER use dishwashing liquid or old rags, as they strip all the wax off your car and leave scratches.

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1. When your rims and tires are cool to the touch, start by thoroughly rinsing them down.

2. Next, spray one tire and rim with a quality cleaner, and work it into the crevices with a soft bristled brush. Only clean one at a time to avoid the cleaner drying up.

3. Thoroughly rinse your tire and rim to remove the cleaner and leftover debris.

4. Repeat on the remaining tires and rims.

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Use a damp chamois or soft terry cloth towel (preferably just out of the washer) to remove excess water from the entire car. Start at the roof and work down to the lower panels.

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1. Remove the car from direct sunlight, and wait for the car to cool.

2. Start by wetting the wax applicator, often included with the can of wax.

3. Put the wax on the applicator, and frame out the area where you want to apply it. Only do one panel at a time.

4. Next, fill in the middle portion of the area you framed. This helps you avoid getting wax into the seams and jambs.

5. After a few minutes, the wax will dry to a dull haze.

6. Wiping in one direction, use a clean terrycloth to remove the film of wax.

7. Use a polishing cloth and buff in the opposite direction to achieve a high shine. After you've done one panel, turn both towels to an unused section and start on the next panel.

8. Repeat until you've completed the entire vehicle.

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With care and the proper cleaning products, available at Pep Boys, you can keep your car looking like it just came
from a professional detailer.